Deadly Mothers


There will never be a day in which I will be able to understand the working of a Sociopathic, or Psychopathic mother, who can carry a child for nine months, and then be able to bring physical harm to, or be capable murdering her child. Even standing by and allowing another to harm or murder your child, is the same as you doing it yourself. Boyfriends, stepfathers, fathers, and lovers, beat, brutalize, torture and murder their partner’s children with the help and/or consent of the mothers every day. These women have no conscience and have no remorse. They may put on a show to try to look normal but they have no feelings for their young. That maternal instinct does not exist.

A mother’s love and maternal instincts for her children can make them do amazingly strong things when it comes to protecting their children. There is no excuse for allowing harm to come to your child at the hands of someone you are with. Any mother with a conscience would never allow that to happen without putting up a fight. Nor would she be able to dispose of that little body as if it were trash.

It is too bad that there is not a litmus test which you can give to a person which you are thinking of dating. A test that would tell you that this person is dangerous, and do not under any circumstances get involved with them or have children with them.

8 Responses to Deadly Mothers

  1. austyn says:

    i never cried so hard in my life, i too lost a little baby in my life to child abuse, my neice gracie was killed at the hands of her father

  2. I’m so sorry for your loss and for little Gracie. My prayers are with you and your family.

  3. Betty Jane Hunt says:

    Here in Robeson County North Carolina my family is face with the same thing Little Edna Trinity Hunt had the same thing to happen to her. On Oct.6th 2011 she died. It has been hard for our family. the mother and the boyfriend did this to her. South Carolina said it is the worse case of child abuse in thier state. Little Edna was from here, but her mother took her to South Carolina where she died. There is The EDNA Awareness Walk which we have started down here our next walk is Feb.11th 2012. We want to bring awareness to child abuse to every town we walk. It is time that people know what is happening to children. Let’s make a difference in a child’s life, come walk with us or stand up for a child. My heart goes out for your family.

  4. Thank you Betty for posting. My prayers are with you and your family. Is there a Facebook page dedicated to little Edna? If not you might want to start one and promote your Walk.

  5. Richard says:

    I have a mother who actually took me to see my grandmother. my mother had a bad cold at the time and the doctor said it could be lifethreatening for her to get a cold. Yet, calm as a blue sky or starry night, she walked up to her and without any remorse coughed 1 in from her mouth. This just so she could get what my fathers estate had left.

  6. Erica says:

    Mothers are just as capable of assaulting their children as men are. My mother killed my brother’s twin while in the womb (through excessive use of alcohol and cocaine and beating herself), in order to get back at my father for ignoring her after he accepted a new job (one that she didn’t like). Both my brother and I were regularly beaten and assaulted by her as children. (My father never knew, as he moved away after their divorce). The rest of the world, including our family that never had to live with her, think she is a self-sacrificing martyr/saint with wonderful children. We lived in a normal, middle class neighborhood. She knew she could get away with it because people refuse to believe that mothers are capable of such levels of cruelty to her own children. As long as everyone continues to believe this lie (the “infallible mothering instinct”), then “people” like my mother will continue to torture their children, and the children will be the ones forced to bear the responsibility for the rest of their lives. I don’t know what’s more cruel — suffering torture at your own mother’s hand, or being told that your suffering never existed?

  7. Thank you Erica so much for posting your story here. I’m sorry that you and your siblings were subjected to such horror growing up. It’s sad but these situations happen more frequently than people would like to believe. Not every woman is born with a maternal instinct which is the foundation for becoming a good mother. It is human nature to believe that all mothers care about their children after all they carried them for 9 months and felt them move inside their womb. It’s hard for good people to understand that some people lack empathy, and have no conscience therefor there is no guilt associated with their behaviors. Hopefully your story will help give someone else the courage to talk about their own experience and know they aren’t alone.

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