There are some truly awesome videos out there, and I would love to share the ones I have found with you. I am sure many of you have seen some of these if not all; however they are new to me, as well as to those just beginning their journey and searching for answers. So please bear with me if you have seen them before.

Please help me by posting any video links that you have seen and thought were worth sharing. I am sure there are many more that have not found yet, and I’m sure there are new ones being made.

I know I find myself looking at some of them over and over again when I need comfort. Some of them are so moving, while others are just chock-full of information, but all of them help us to understand what is really going on, and that it is not our fault, we are not to blame. Knowledge is power ~ sweetcardomom


5 Responses to VIDEO RESOURSES

  1. Medea’s message on people who come into our lives……

    This is so well said I love the analogy given about a tree.

    Thank you! Tyler Perry for bringing us Madea’s message

  2. Healing Emotional Wounds

    Thank you once again mariana2062

  3. I found this one very interesting because it is a combination of clips from a soap opera and it really shows what some relationships are like.

    Thank you megan102285

  4. This site has a great value for people who know very little on emotional abuse. The first important thing we need to become aware of is that we are not alone. Many people suffer from abuse in silence and don’t know what to do due to the lack of information.

    Thanks for this wonderful source of information and resources!

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