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  1. Affirmations September 15, 2008
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    It’s best to pick the ones that really speak to you now and read them aloud two to three times a day.

    It is natural for things to turn out well for me

    I don’t have to figure it all out now

    I have a fulfilling life and enrich other people’s lives

    I assume the best

    I listen to my intuition

    I cultivate well-being

    I am confident I can handle any challenge

    People are kind to me

    I focus on the positive

    Unexpected good is coming my way

    I acknowledge my pain and then move on

    I fear no one

    My finances are increasing

    Those I love love me

    I live in the present

    I find something good in every situation

    I feel safe within myself

    I see what I want to do and do it

    I am courageous

    I take exquisitely good care of myself

    I eat when I’m hungry and rest when I’m tired

    I ask for what I want

    I embrace change

    I love myself

    I am talented

    I am a good listener

    I believe in myself

    I am creative

    I grow stronger every day

    Life is friendly to me

    People feel relaxed around me

    I am a calm person

    I dare to be myself

    My body feels healthy and at ease

    I am able to relax at any time

    I am loved

    I am trustworthy

    I face every day with a kind spirit

    I am caring

    I create what I want

    I have infinite possibilities

    I am confident and self-assured

    I inspire others with my actions

    I make the most out of my opportunities

    I acknowledge I have good people around me

    I cultivate peace

    I control my temper

    I think clearly

    I have the ability to handle difficulties

    I am my best friend

    I take the time to enjoy my family

    I am intelligent

    I learn from my mistakes

    I care for myself

    I am flexible

    I enjoy the gifts that life brings me daily

    I love how I grow from change

    I am kind

    I am open to new experiences

    I am important and I contribute positively to mankind

    I always come across the information I need at the right time

    I lead a happy and purposeful existence

    I find easy ways to accomplish my tasks

    I grow wiser every day

    I am an asset to everybody that surrounds me

    I will achieve all my goals

    I am always filled with energy to accomplish anything I want

    All my past successes support me in thinking I am a successful person

    I surround myself all the time with positive people and positive information

    I am grateful for everything in my life

    I attract abundance and blessings that benefit me and other people as well

    I deserve to lead a wonderful and prosperous life

    My self-knowledge grows daily and makes me be a better person

    I value myself highly for the person I am

    I respect myself and I act with integrity

    And, my favorite…

    Every day in every way I am getting better and better.

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