How Codependents Leave Abusive Narcissistic Relationships

You may be feeling crazy because you love a narcissist and are afraid to leave the abusive relationship. It will be easier to help yourself leave the more you know about codependency and narcissistic personality disorder. Abusive narcissists require someone who is willing to cater to their needs and to give up their own desires. Narcissists are self-destructive people with concealed low self-esteem and insatiable needs for……….

How Codependents Leave Abusive
Narcissistic Relationships

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I am a mother, grandmother and advocate for those suffering from the torment of emotional abuse regardless of gender, or who the abuser is. Emotional abuse can come from anyone around you whether personal or professional. Parents, spouses, lovers, teachers, siblings, co-workers, bosses, and even your therapist. I am a survivor and have grown a lot during the past few months. The struggle continues and so do I. Hoping to make a difference "One Person At A Time" ~ sweetcardomom
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