Roundup on civility and incivility at work

I am going to retire in a few months after over 30 years and I’ve seen a lot in those 30 + years. Once I retire I plan to be more active here since I will have more time, and will have a lot to say on this subject. So much bullying and rewarding those who bully while perching respect for all. The Hypocrisy sickens me.

Minding the Workplace

Last week’s post on distinguishing workplace incivility from more severe forms of mistreatment such as bullying and mobbing got a lot of page views and contributed to several discussions on social media as well. This response prompted me to pull together several previous pieces on civility and incivility at work. You can click on the titles for the full posts:

Civility and civility codes in higher education (2015) — “Universities that impose civility codes are usually those that cannot manage by thoughtful, inclusive, quality leadership. Instead, they must mandate manners and punish those who venture beyond superficial politeness.”

When superficial civility supports workplace abusers (and their enablers) (2014) — “All things being equal, most of us would much prefer a workplace where civility, rather than incivility, shapes the dominant culture. After all, who wants to work at a place where nastiness is the norm? But at times, the organizational embrace of…

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I am a mother, grandmother and advocate for those suffering from the torment of emotional abuse regardless of gender, or who the abuser is. Emotional abuse can come from anyone around you whether personal or professional. Parents, spouses, lovers, teachers, siblings, co-workers, bosses, and even your therapist. I am a survivor and have grown a lot during the past few months. The struggle continues and so do I. Hoping to make a difference "One Person At A Time" ~ sweetcardomom
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