Out of the Mouth of Narcissists

Out of the Mouth of Narcissists.


This is a good blog to understanding what it’s like to grow up with a narcissistic mother. It’s a shame that children don’t have a clue until they are adults but by then the damage is done. The older we are when trying to recover the harder it is however it can be done. Once a person realizes it’s not them then the healing can begin.

I was 50 years old when I finally figured out that my mother was a Narcissist and suddenly everything made sense.  It’s to bad that children have to wait until they are grown to discover that it’s not their fault, they are not failures.

There is no pleasing a narcissist no matter how hard you try and it’s sad to see how many people never stop trying even in their 50’s and beyond.

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I am a mother, grandmother and advocate for those suffering from the torment of emotional abuse regardless of gender, or who the abuser is. Emotional abuse can come from anyone around you whether personal or professional. Parents, spouses, lovers, teachers, siblings, co-workers, bosses, and even your therapist. I am a survivor and have grown a lot during the past few months. The struggle continues and so do I. Hoping to make a difference "One Person At A Time" ~ sweetcardomom
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