Good information on bullying from the U of Michigan Health Systems

Bullying is not going away but in fact getting worse. As time goes on we are realizing the devastating effects of bullying today. With the new technologies available to us today it has created easier access to targets and the ability to be anonymous making bullying a deadly crime. Suicides are on the rise and parents and families are devastated. The University of Michigan has some good information and resources listed under its Health Topics and it is a good resource.

Bullying is not just a childhood problem. School Bullies grow to be workplace Bullies, Corporate Bullies, Professional Bullies of all sorts, but the child victims are effected throughout their adult lives as well. Parents please do not take this subject lightly. If your child is being bullied at school please listen to your child and help and support him/her. Please take immediate action, your child can’t do it alone.

About sweetcardomom

I am a mother, grandmother and advocate for those suffering from the torment of emotional abuse regardless of gender, or who the abuser is. Emotional abuse can come from anyone around you whether personal or professional. Parents, spouses, lovers, teachers, siblings, co-workers, bosses, and even your therapist. I am a survivor and have grown a lot during the past few months. The struggle continues and so do I. Hoping to make a difference "One Person At A Time" ~ sweetcardomom
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