Triggers and Knee Jerk Reactions During the Holidays

Saturday, December 13, 2008
Triggers and; Knee Jerk Reactions During the Holidays

The holidays are stressful under the best of situations. Add to it a dangerous and pathological relationship and you have a prescription for **guaranteed** unhappiness.

The pathological relationship never lies dormant during the holidays. It’s an opportunity for them to recontact you — of course “just to wish you a Merry Christmas/ Happy Holidays.” If you have been following my ‘Starve the Vampire’ teaching on no contact and the hooks he will use to get you back in… here’s one: Christmas! (or The Holidays!)

A text message of Happy Holidays is not good cheer. It’s a hook. A Holiday Card is not a mass card to everyone — it is a targeted approach for you. A gift left on your door step isn’t a thoughtful gift — it’s a manipulation because being the good girl you are, you’ll call and thank him and then he’ll have you on the phone… and it all goes down hill from there.

Then there’s the mistletoe, and the date for New Year’s Eve, and the gift he left for your child or your parents… The holidays are one BIG OP-POR-TU-NITY for Mr.

The No Contact rule still applies and he’ll be testing your boundaries to see if it applies during the holidays. If it DOESN’T apply and you responded to him or sent him a text/ card/ call, you have just taught him where your loophole is. You also said something very LOUD to him. You just screamed in his ear “I’m Lonely! I don’t want to be alone for the holidays.” And you know what he’s thinking, “You don’t have to ask TWICE!”

Ladies, Christmas, as well as the other Holidays this month are the ONE day of the year that is laced with a lot of triggering memories.

Maybe from childhood where you believe “miracles happen on Christmas” or “everyone should be together for the Holidays” or the sights, smells, and memories of past Christmases with him are rehashing in your mind. Don’t stay stuck in that ‘air brushed Christmas memory’ — how about you pull out your memory list from the other 363 days of the year and how he behaved then? Don’t base contacting him on one night with the twinkle of Christmas tree lights and a ribbon on a gift. That doesn’t make a pathological stable!

Get out of the fantasy.

The Holidays have has a way of hypnotizing women into the fantasy of their positive behavior and their lack of pathology. Nothing changed because we hit the Holiday season. It’s just a BIGGER opportunity for him to hook you.

If you’re still with the pathological person, they can be very sabotaging at this time of year wanting to strip every little piece of joy you could get from the season away. They get drunk, pick fights, say mean things to your family, yell at the kids, and don’t participate.

Don’t react. Have a great Holiday while he wallows around in that puddle of pathology.

You know one of the things we found out in our research? You guys tested unbelieveably high in ‘sentimentality’. What are the holidays all about? SENTIMENT! If your sentiment is on caffeine, what do you think it will do? Be restrained or have a knee jerk reaction because all that sentiment is coursing through your veins?

One slip up now could cost you a year of trying to get rid of him again. Call a support person and tell them you VOW to them not to have contact this season. Then make plans to fill up your time so it’s not even a possibility.

I have ‘lectured’ about loneliness because this 4 inch stack of research sitting on my desk that you ladies filled out, tells me that you lapse and lapse and lapse again when you feel lonely. Holidays induce loneliness. Plan ahead and safe guard. “I was lonely” is not an excuse for starting something that will once again
destroy your life!”

Instead, do something wonderful with your kids. Get outside, take a walk, go to a movie with friends, do some scrapbooking, get some of our books to read, go to a nursing home and visit someone! Sit in a chapel alone and count blessings, walk your dog more, go to the gym! Do anything except have a knee jerk reaction to your excessive sentimentality gene!!


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