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About sweetcardomom

I am a mother, grandmother and advocate for those suffering from the torment of emotional abuse regardless of gender, or who the abuser is. Emotional abuse can come from anyone around you whether personal or professional. Parents, spouses, lovers, teachers, siblings, co-workers, bosses, and even your therapist. I am a survivor and have grown a lot during the past few months. The struggle continues and so do I. Hoping to make a difference "One Person At A Time" ~ sweetcardomom
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9 Responses to THE SOCIOPATH~ CHARMER/ABUSER and thier Prey

  1. Mariah says:

    Hi there,

    Just wanted to say – good to see what I wrote on Allaboutcounseling years ago still being use to benefit someone. I coined the phrase “charmer/abuser” in my original writing there – How you become Prey to a Charmer/Abuser. I had not searched on the web to see if anyone else was using it until today and was surprised to find it in alot of places. It does my heart good to see people who can use it and avoid some otherwise painful lessons in life.

  2. mary young says:

    I could use some info on this. Trying to battle a sociopath whom I feel is stalking me.

  3. mary young says:

    Dealing with a sociopath stalker. How do I get him to go away without making him mad?

  4. Hi Mary if you feel you are being stalked that is a very dangerous situation to be in and you need to be careful. I can not give you advice but I will tell you to Contact Susan Murphy Milano and Alexis Moore Survivors in action and Anny Jacoby @ These three women are qualified to give you advice and provide you with the resources you need. Please contact them and let them know your situation and the can help you.

    Have you contacted the Domestic violence hot line yet. That should be your first call if you haven’t. 1.800.799.SAFE (7233) 1.800.787.3224 (TTY)
    Please be safe and call today and don’t hesitate to call 911 if you are in immediate danger. If you are dealing with a Sociopath you need to make sure you are not alone and you do not confront him. Get help Please make those calls.

  5. Susan Murphy Milano

    Susan Murphy Milano, Author, Speaker, Violence Safety Strategist and Consultant and Celebrity Spokesperson, has been featured on Oprah, 20/20, The Justice Files, US News & World Report, USA Today, The E Network, The Associated Press, Family Circle Magazine, CNN and NBC’s Sunday Today. Susan’s valuable resources are what every single female going through a divorce must have on her bedside stand, not only will they guide you through the journey, her strategic voice, plans, forms, tools and insight will literally save others thousands in divorce and abuse related costly fees as well as clearly map out the course to take towards a successful and safe future. For more on purchasing Susan’s books, hiring her for a speaking engagement and/or personal coaching consultation, please visit her website at

  6. Alexis A. Moore
    Expert in cyberstalking, traditional stalking, identity theft, domestic violence and privacy protection. Ms. Moore is the founder of Crime Victim Organization Network, President of Survivors In Action national crime victims’ organization and host of Taking Action Radio. She is a director for Witness Justice National Crime Victim’s Organization and Women’s Legal Resource. She is an Advisory board member of The Beginning Over Foundation and The Weaker Vessel. Ms. Moore has become the “go-to person” for issues pertaining to domestic abuse, stalking, privacy protection, identity theft and credit collections as well as the new phenomenon, cyberstalking.

  7. Anny Jacoby

    After surviving her own assault, Anny took steps to turn her passion to help victims into her life’s work. After many years of volunteer advocacy she founded her company based on a realistic approach for females to protect themselves, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically, building confidence and self-esteem.

    Anny is an active member of the National and North Carolina Coalitions Against Domestic Violence, National and North Carolina Coalitions Against Sexual Assault, AWSDA (American Women’s Self Defense Association), The National Center for Victims of Crime and NAPW (National Association of Professional Women). Ms. Jacoby served on the Board of Directors of Family Violence Prevention of Orange County, NC

  8. I keep read sites that talk about becoming relationship free, and seeing your information is encouraging, because it is not so easy as they say it is..

  9. Men who threaten to take away the kids are engaging in post separation violence. It is common for batterers to threaten to take children away from the battered woman by proving her to be an unfit mother. For this reason, some lawyers advise women not to tell courts or mediators about child abuse or domestic abuse because, by doing so, they risk losing custody to the alleged abuser!

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